3D Precision Irrigation™

Ojai orchards
Striving for a safe and clean environment, with abundant resources, for future generations.

The Company

The Mission Statement

Our mission is to help farmers and other growers maximize their return on resources while conserving water, preserving soil, and protecting plants and trees from the irrigation related diseases that result from over and under watering.

These goals are achieved by manufacturing, deploying, and supporting the most precise and adaptable irrigation controllers and sensors available today.

The reasons for doing this include, but are not limited to: conserving resources, protecting farmers, and ensuring food security.

These goals are realized by employing competent management and technological expertise as well as outstanding customer service.

William S. "Bud" Fielder


I am a college graduate, former retail store manager, and small business owner. I also volunteered at the Ojai Community Demonstration Garden for nine years and, most recently, I conceived and developed 3D Precision Irrigation.™

I am also an award winning inventor, who wrote and successfully prosecuted five patents, in the fields of: Energy Capture, Energy Storage, and Rotor Efficiency.

Patents include:
    • Self-Winding Generator - US 7,127,886;
    • Buoyant Rotor - US 7,348,686;
    • Hollow Generator - US 7,843099;
    • Hollow Turbine - US 8,080,913;
    • Electric Power Storage Power Plant - US 8,614,519.

Awards include:
    • Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge, 2006 - Honorable Mention;
    • $10,000 - 2011 Autodesk Clean Tech Software Grant.

I am also a Private Cloud, Full Stack Web Developer, and IoT (Internet of Things) Programmer; examples include:
    • the Private Cloud Virtual Tour and Sensor Data Display Application for the Ojai Community Demonstration Garden;
    • the Irrigation Controller software for 3D Precision Irrigation.™

I am the founder of:
    • The Other Hydrogen Economy,™ community and website: https://theotherhydrogeneconomy.com;
    • 3D Precision Irrigation,™ community and website: https://newhydrotech.com.

Visit me at my LinkedIn page: William Fielder