Also suitable for Citrus and Avocado Trees.

The Product

These plants, grown in containers without drainage, were irrigated by a sensor based, precision irrigation system that automatically adjusts to the changing needs of plants and trees.

See an introduction to and demonstration of the components and processes that comprise 3D Precision Irrigation™ here.

● 3D Precision Irrigation,™ as defined at this site, is precise and compatible with Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture as well as any other means of irrigation.

● It promotes best practices by applying water, only when needed, at the base of the plant or tree, and in the correct amount automatically. This means that irrigation cycles will automatically adjust to the changing needs of the plants or trees being monitored and makes it ideal for first-time growers and all of us who want to maximize yields, and avoid over and under watering, in all types of soil.

● It is also ideal for commercial scale agriculture such as Citrus and Avocado tree growers and is compatible with drip, spray, and soaker hose means of irrigation.

● Expert Controllers™ mimic a Master Gardener; all possible eventualities, and their appropriate responses, are included in the controller's embedded software. This feature enhances response time and security, eliminates connectivity issues, and makes this irrigation system more reliable than its wireless rivals.

● The thresholds for indicating a sufficient, or insufficient, amount of moisture in the soil are adjustable and the location of the moisture sensors themselves can be adjusted to match the root ball of the plants or trees that they are monitoring. Clients can provide soil samples, dry and wet, for custom irrigation on and off settings respectively. These features make this the most flexible and accurate irrigation system on the market.

● Other problems solved include: irrigating different plant types, compensating for variations in microclimates (including exposure to the sun), and irrigating while it's raining.

● Timer based irrigation cycles, connected rain gauges, Internet based weather services, and Cloud connected monitoring and control systems are all unnecessary.

● The controller is a 12 Volt system that makes it compatible with solar power and battery storage. A gravity fed irrigation means makes this system portable, able to be taken completely off-the-grid, and capable of utilizing grey water without modification.

● 3D Precision Irrigation™ is suitable for: containers (with or without drainage), hillsides (terraced or not terraced), garden beds (raised or not raised), vertical gardens (supported by a foundation or hung from above), and industrial agriculture (organic or not).

● Implementing 3D Precision Irrigation™ and Expert Controllers™ give your garden or farm its best chance for success even when compared to hydroponics.