Adapting to Climate Change

The Storm

The Other Hydrogen Economy™ and 3D Precision Irrigation™ are competent means for supplying
Renewable Water, Power, and Agriculture.™

The Other Hydrogen Economy™ uses renewable energy to extract hydrogen from seawater, or from other sources, via electrolysis and transforms it into electricity and potable water.   This creates a micro-grid which may or may not connect to the regional grid.  A portable version of this is explained at:

According to the BBC, there is a global race to produce hydrogen from the planets oceans.

A precise, automated, water management system is essential for all growers.

3D Precision Irrigation™ is an autonomous, sensor-based, data-driven, irrigation system that automatically adjusts irrigation cycles to the changing needs of the plants and trees that it monitors (without AI). Details are available at:

Deployed together, these comprehensive technologies enable us to start agricultural communities in areas where it was previously thought to be impossible due to a lack of resources.  These communities, if started soon enough, might help to prevent, or reduce, the vast displacement of people that are anticipated to some day be in search of inhabitable land.

In California, these technologies would enable us to populate our vast deserts, transform desert terrain into fertile soil, and in doing so, offset the water and agricultural losses in the San Joaquin valley that are inevitable (from rising sea levels) due to the threats to the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta.

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta provides two-thirds of the state’s fresh water supply and millions of acres of farmland.

Where will the money come from to finance such projects?  According to Prof. Stephanie Kelton, we don't need to tax or borrow money in order to finance the world that we want to leave to our descendants, as long as there is an existing and sufficient supply of materials and labor already available, we can use Modern Monitary Theory (MMT).  According to Prof. Fadhel Kaboub, MMT is how we funded WWII and the New Deal, NASA's Apollo program, the trillions spent since the 2008 crash propping up the banking system in so called “quantitative easing”, and the money the Federal Government is dishing out at this very moment to keep the economy from crashing with the COVID-19 stimulus package and CARES Act.

I don't believe that we can stop climate change, but I do believe that we can adapt to it if we adopt the technologies and other means described at this website.

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