Hillside Agriculture

Image of an irrigation controller.

Benefits of Hillside Agriculture

  • Availability of land for plants, solar panels, and water storage
  • Increased solar exposure for plants and solar panels
  • Located above the flood-plane
  • Gravity-fed irrigation
  • Planted and regularly watered hillsides are less likely to catch on fire and / or to experience a landslide.

Drawbacks of Hillside Agriculture

  • Irrigation water drains away from the top and floods the bottom plants
  • Soil erosion
  • Nutrient run-off
  • Access to beds may be difficult

3D Precision Irrigation Overcomes Drawbacks

  • Prevents irrigation water run-off that floods the bottom plants
  • Reduces, or eliminates, soil erosion
  • Reduces, or eliminates, nutrient run-off
  • Reduces the number of visits to the gardens
  • Containers, with drainage, retain moisture, while allowing rain water to be safely channeled away.