Never over or under water again.

The Product

●  A precise, automated, water management system is essential for all growers.

●  Automatically adjusting irrigation cycles to the changing needs of plants and trees protects them from irrigation diseases caused by over and under watering.

●  Using less irrigation water protects farmers from water scarcity and saves money so that the system may eventually pay for its self.

●  Water savings may also enable farmers to grow more plants than would otherwise be possible.

●  3D Precision Irrigation™ and Expert Controllers™ are valuable tools for regenerative agriculture; applying the exact amount of water necessary, only when its necessary, prevents nutrient runoff.

●  Autonomous, data-driven, operation eliminates the need for controller programming and any associated training.

●  Automation enables novice growers to grow like a professional.

●  Food security may be enhanced from fewer crop failures which may decrease crop insurance premiums.